Amplifying The Typography Experience, P
Amplifying The Typography Experience
An exploration in the form of 52 alphabetical posters in 4 categories: Type treatment, Yesterday's mediums, Present technology and Experimental type. Each alphabet is executed through the support of a different element or medium to visually represent a word starting with the same alphabet. 

The third part of the project outcome, Present Technology, looks into digital manipulations of type that harnesses today’s technology. This encompasses graphic typography made using 3-D renderings.

This section is divided into 4 sets of different themes. The first set, ‘Black and White’ consists of the posters, A, B and C. The second set, ‘Structural Form’, consists of the posters, D, E and F. The third set, ‘Organic Form’ consists of the posters G, H and I. The forth and last set, ‘Living Type’ consists of the posters J, K, L and M.
 A is for Awesome
B is for Break
 C is for Complex
 D is for Destroy
E is for Eccentric 
 F is for Future
G is for Grotesque
H is for Hydrate
I is for Intense
J is for Joke
K is for Kill
L is for Life
M is for Monster
M is for Monster