Today we have a dream. We want IKONA to become tangible and accessible history, which can survive in memory and become a valuable artifact. We are going to make the first printed issue of the magazine.

This issue will be devoted to creators born in the former Soviet republics. We will show how people born during changing times see visual art, how they understand different problems and issues within their reality.

Childhood and youth, which form us  / Beautiful faces and human life / Thoughtful essay series / Portrait of Russia and CIS countries / Images that remain deep in one's mind and give impulse to reflections / Travelling /  The eternal struggle of searching for inspiration.

176 pages of color offset printing, thick binding and individual packaging. This magazine is a pleasure to hold in your hands, to show to guests, and to give to your nearest and dearest. There will be no advertising to hinder your enjoyment of the magical photographs.​​​​​​​
We will send you a PDF, and warn about the beginning of pre-orders on Kickstarter.
The reader gets an opportunity to see some new names and to get inspired with energy of vibrant pages. We have already digitally printed a color proof, prepared a test assembly of the magazine, and developed the protective packaging for transportation.

IKONA is a non-commercial project. For quality printing, we need to launch a minimum circulation of 999 copies. This is why we're gathering pre-orders on KICKSTARTER.

If you support our project, you will not only get a unique collector's edition of the magazine from a limited edition but you will also support young creators.

We making it our mission to make visual art accessible.

For any questions, work or collaboration requests please feel free to get in touch at
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