• 40th Anniversary bookplate
    Pratt Institute graduate communications design department
  • As part of the 40th anniversary of Pratt Institute’s Graduate Communications Design program, a limited group of 5 students was chosen to develop and produce a limited-edition bookplate to go along with the 2012 GradComD department book. Each student was given ample freedom as long the concept celebrated 4 decades of GradComD’s existence and its influence on the design industry in NYC and across the nation.

    My concept was based on the principles of: Discovery, Growth and Evolution; principles that describe Pratt’s mission and its students. After numerous concepts, sketches and rounds of ideation, I developed a design that invites the viewer to engage with those 3 principles in order to decipher, understand and absorb it.

    In the end, the limited-edition run included bookplates designed by 4 students and 3 professors.
    An immensely collaborative process that challenged me, helped me grow, let me discover my design sensibilities in a more profound way.

    The project was selected and featured on the AIGA’s Member Portfolio Behance gallery on 10/26/12.
  • Process work
  • Final digital sketches
  • Final design
  • Printing with the guidance of Ned Drew.
  • Production work
  • Complete lmited-edition set
  • Bookplates set designed by students Esteban Pérez-Hemminger, Chantal Fischzang, Richard Hall, Nick Misani, Pratt GradComD Department Chair Jeff Bellantoni and professors Brenda McManus and Tony DiSpigna.