01_ Sculpted Audio Decor 
The PLENUE Base Station raises the emotions provided by music to a whole new level. The Base Station can be used as a stationary high quality DAC through its balanced XLR outputs, and the analog level meter further stimulates the senses by converting sound into visuals. 
Artistically designed and precisely machined by hand, the Base Station is ready to transform the music you love into something even more beautiful, just as you desire.

02_ Wave Level 
The PLENUE Base Station embodies the waveforms and levels of vibrant sound in its flowing, curvy design. The streamlined curves and sharp straight lines of the tiered high strength aluminum body combine luxury with a sense of weight to complement any décor. The clean hairline brushed finish further emphasizes the quality of the PLENUE Base Station. The PLENUE Base Station's sleek design perfectly complements the free and smooth flow of music melodies to upgrade your listening space.

03_ Authentic Analog Level Meter

The analog level meters of the PLENUE Base Station express the colorful movements and changes in sound while simultaneously accentuating the overall design. The dynamic movements of the level meters and soft, indirect LED lighting complement the listening experience with visual pleasure.

04_ Stationary DAC with High Quality Balanced XLR Output 

An advanced Hi-Fi system that minimizes transmission loss is at your fingertips. Simply connect speakers through an amplifier to the balanced XLR outputs of the PLENUE Base Station using balanced XLR cables. Relish the HD sound delivered by PLENUE S through speakers that fill your space with listening contentment.

05_ Sensuous LED Lighting 

The halo like white accent LED light around the dock and the LED lights of the level meters blend harmoniously to emit a sensual illumination. The subtle light that emanates from the PLENUE Base Station exudes the sophistication of an advanced Hi-Fi system.