The Big Picture / Sintra / Portugal / 2016
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    An art installation made for "Point of view" - site specific exhibition. Park of Pena / Sintra / Portugal / 2016

An installation made for "Point of view" - group site specific exhibition. Parco de Pena / Sintra / Portugal / 2016
Alberto Carneiro / Alexandre Farto (Vhils) / Antonio Bokel / Bosco Sodi / Gabriela Albergaria / João Paulo Serafim / NeSpoon / Nils-Udo / Paulo Arraiano / Stuart Ian Frost


Imagine an ant walking on a doily. The ant doesn't know on how beautiful pattern she's running. What she sees in front of her are just entangled threads. She follows the particular thread but doesn't know where it leads.To see the beauty of the lace pattern, the ant would have to change the point of view, look at the pattern from distance. Only then her eyes would see the big picture.

I have observed tourist visiting the Park of Pena. It seems their basic problem is to get from point A to point B, to find the right path among countless others. Tourists constantly keep looking at their paper maps, glancing at their smartphones, standing and thinking while looking at the road signs.

I believe the Park gives the opportunity for a different experience. One doesn't have to find paths, one should let oneself get lost and maybe after some time to find a new, wider perspective. Realise that everything is connected and makes a harmonic pattern. And it is your privilege to make a conscious choice between an infinite number of possible paths and to create your own way.
After two months...
Process of production: