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    U can do anything, this is just an example.
The #ATeam Project
Once upon time there were two men, a middle aged man and a younger man. They both had a common passion: #Wrestling but @ the same time they were so different. The middle aged man was only a fan, a viewer, but the other guy, the younger one, was already a wrestler. And suddenly, when the sun and the moon went to the right place, the younger told to the other one: "Hey, come on friend, it's about time to teach you some wrestling moves.

And all started like this. The middle aged man (MAM from now on) was so happy, felt so young again, full of passion and energy. The younger (YM) was also very excited because through this training he started wrestling again.

But - there always a but in each story - there was a problem. No wrestling mat. From the other hand, because they both believed that there is no problem without customized solution, they found a dancing hall and started to wrestle. But - another but - they don't had the equipment, the wooden floor was so hard, and the little mattresses were so thin... The trainings were difficult, MAM walked for an hour to get there, YM was next door but he always was waiting for his friend and many times he negate the distance with his motorcycle.

And the wrestling continued on and on. Until one lucky afternoon, for both of them, a tall man came to the dancing hall.
2 be continued...