SIUC Theater Kiosk
Interactive Design
The goal of this project was to create an interactive informational site for the theater department at SIU Carbondale. The site is not attended for web, but instead for an on site kiosk that would provide theater patrons information on the current events at SIUC's McLeod Theater. I kept all the information contained within the same window throughout the site. Also, I kept consistent global navigation, allowing for access to any page at any time, regardless of where on the site a user may be. Simple scripting and development of interactive site is fun for me, although I don't practice it very often. Enjoy!
The Home page includes a movie clip slideshow of images from performances at SIUC's theater.
The Productions page includes local navigation. Each link provides information on the individual performances.
The Calendar page includes a movie clip with it's own local navigation, providing performance information date by date.