A Guide On Drunken Driving Laws And Penalties!
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When you are in the land of USA then you must know that every US state has its own laws regarding the drunken driving cases which categorically come under: 


Owi stands for the operating a vehicle while intoxication and dui is driving under the influence of intoxication. These are the broader categories which are applied read more as per the different state and the difference between the two is a minor one except for some instance like the number of offences and stringent laws. 

The difference tends to have a different various perspective because the confirmation of the purview of the laws that are applied as per the application and context of the situation under which the driver is accused of the drunken driving cases. The legal limit of the presence of the alcohol in the blood must not cross a certain limit otherwise it can leave the driver impaired visually to drive on the road. 

In USA, when two persons are arrested for the same driving drunken offence, the charges that are placed on them are going to be different. There are different numbers of offence so we shall see the first offence and will try to gauge everything from owi vs dui wisconsin 
owi vs dui Wisconsin aspect. 
Administrative penalties attracted by the offenders under first offence!

There are placed varied levels of the presence of alcohol that are applied as per the age of the person. In case of first offence, if the BAC (that measure the blood alcohol content that is presence of alcohol in blood) levels are below 0.17 then the driving license of the person may be suspended for a duration of 180 days. There will be mentioned 6 points on the license of the driver who is charged of dui or owi. 

In case, the BAC levels are higher than 0.17 and it is the first offence then click here license may be suspended for one year and the person in question will have to complete the alcohol treatment program on a mandatory basis. 

When it comes to criminal penalties, they are a lot tougher and strict. Depending upon the BAC level that must be 0.17, you will be charged up to a fine of $500 or $700 and the jail sentence may last up to 7 years in case of subsequent offences. These penalties may be really high n case of your refusal so think before you act!