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    The supremacy of the book has been challenged by the digital revolution. Now knowledge is virtually everywhere: it has broken free of the constra… Read More
    The supremacy of the book has been challenged by the digital revolution. Now knowledge is virtually everywhere: it has broken free of the constraint of buildings. Electronic knowledge is nowadays available to everybody - in the home, workplace, airport terminal, school, etc. However, the need for a physical interface will always remain, a three-dimensional identity of virtual knowledge that redefines digital information exchange as a constructed experience in space. As media continuously overwhelms us with images, our perception of information has been drastically modified, the libraries evolution through the integration of new media technologies is responding to society’s insatiable appetite for visual stimulation. New libraries have to react to the inherent culture of postmodern media society. The mediatheque celebrates the digital information age, media, creativity and alternative methods of learning and in many cases the program becomes tailored towards and encourages imagination. The Internet has simultaneously shifted our perception of knowledge as well as our relationship to the physical territory and the new media library can actually reinforce its significance by becoming a physical manifestation of the information age. The building is conceived as a network that establishes a series of complex interconnected relationships between programmatic, departmental and ancillary functions of the building, intricacies of the libraries collection, predicted events within the building and their fusion with the cultural and physical characteristics of the site. Cross programming strategies integrate a number of multidisciplinary functions that are tailored towards the evolving library typology. The comprehensive program is strategically orientated around the dichotomised of social condition and through this the building hopes to become a critique of its social context. The form responds directly to the unique urban context and is a fusion of intuition, site and media. The parasitic shards explore the topography and metamorphoses into differing states, adapting to its surroundings and connecting to the subliminal archaeology of the site. A symbiosis of imperfection, beauty and destruction. Users are free to explore the dynamic and intuitive fluid landscape of knowledge that blurs boundaries between traditional spatial divisions by hybridizing the functional requirements of the library into a series of comprehensive event spaces. The Library is deliberately ambiguous so that people can find in it something that they can recognise from their own particular perspective An environment where information is merged with entertainment and where the transposition of image, sound, and text assimilate data into a comprehensive experience. The user becomes immersed in a virtual world of predigested data, which is presented as a ready-made product of seduction. Read Less