Logo Design
The word MY is formed by a bartender in a tux and a martini glass. A simplified icon form is shown in the upper right. The abstraction here reinforces the name without suggesting any specific gender, race, or type of person.
Here a more literal bartender image shows the craft. Focusing more on the classic era to evoke a sense of the pride of the good old days. Client asked for an image of a bartender pouring a drink, but without a specific gender, race, or style that could exclude others in the diverse world of bartending.
Unused idea: MB monogram beer mug.
This concept suggests a rating system with drinks of ascending height. It also draws from the reception bars of a cell phone, since this is a mobile app. Using various types of drinks keeps it universal, not favoring one type of bartender, while still combining a retro feel with an iconic, playful app style.
A simplified version of the tuxedo, martini, and the word MY. This concept focused on small app sized imagery and a simple elegant look. The balance between a classic feel and a clean design made this design successful.