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    LOGO vol. 2 is collection of selected logomarks created in 2014 and 2015. I would like to thank all my wonderful clients for the chance they gave… Read More
    LOGO vol. 2 is collection of selected logomarks created in 2014 and 2015. I would like to thank all my wonderful clients for the chance they gave me to create all these logos. Thank you! Projects: 1. MiCrow, robotic crow logo for microrobotics micro-assembly handling station. Unfortunately this logo was not used, if interested contact me. 2. New Horizons. Mother breastfeeding baby, logo design created for obstetrics and gynecology elite doctors office. 3. Paradise bird. Abstract bird logomark created for beauty tips and makeup class. This logo went unused, it's available for purchase. 4. Schnickers. Hands sharing car negative space logo for German automobile dealership company. 5. Minimal Instinct. Fox linework logo created for online store minimalist designs clothing brand. Unused logo, if you are interested please message me. 6. Lion logo, made just for fun. If you want to buy this logo, contact me. 7. Elephant logo. Baby elephant logo made for fun. This logo concept is available for purchase. 8. Sailor whale. Whale logo made for kids apparel. Unfortunately it went unused and still waiting for new owner. 9. WiseDime. Owl flipping coin logo design made for business and financial news website. 10. Jackrabbit. Leaping rabbit logo created for innovative design and development firm app. 11. Gobox. Interesting simple and original running box logo concept, made for fast delivery service. Unused design, available for purchase. 12. Swimmit. Seahorse letter "S" logo created for App for discovering best swim places worldwide. 13. Ice Hawk. Game controller hawk or (eagle, falcon) low poly logomark created for gaming accessories shop. Unused logo, if interested contact me. 14. Optimization Prime. Pixelated knight chess piece logo created for digital marketing agency. Unused design, available for purchase. 15. Village where people live 100 years happily (Поселок где живут сто лет счастливо логотип). Koi fish infinity mark logo created for construction and real estate company. 16. Dacci Box. Antelope or deer logo designed for VIP gift concierge online service. 17. Balance Equine. Elegant horse logo created for equine massage. Unused logo, if interested please contact me. 18. Peroz. Bearded rider logo made for motorcycle clothing shop. Unused proposal, available for purchase. 19. Bird logo, made for fun. This design is for sale. 20. Queen Bee logo made for fun. Available for purchase, contact me if interested. Read Less
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