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    Brand identity for London, aimed at governing all other departments and programmes including government, transport, the Olympic games, etc.
While famous for so many things, London lacks a unifying, cohesive identity under which all sectors can co-exist. The London identity seeks to bring together the previously branded elements of transport, tourism, government, the Olympics, and other public programmes.
Those entities with legacy logos will retain the iconic marque, but will largely be associated with colours. Additional departments and offerings can be extended with either new colour categories, or within an existing framework...

The identity is hinged on an updated version of the classic British typeface Gill Sans. This new version, which I’m temporarily calling “Giww” has simplified some of the characters, especially those with curves. It exists now only as an upper-case font, but may be expanded as needs emerge.The comparison to Gill is seen here, with new forms in Blue, and old ones in Red. Clearly, some characters have been retooled more than others.
New typeface "Giww" based on the classic Gill Sans
Above are poster designs demonstrating the overall visual style " large photography with overlaid text. A white base offers the logo and allows the viewer to associate the appropriate colour and sector. Expressions are casual but intriguing.
London loves to ruin classic architecture with posters and ads
detail of sample Fashion Week ads, featuring street photography rather than posed studio images
Olympic promotions on banners, buses, and other environmental materials.
example tourism ads aimed at Londoners
posters as they might appear in the Tube
Stationery design