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    A food story about The Parlour Dinners in Berlin.
The Parlour Dinners
A food story for aicuisine.com
Its no secret in Berlin that the best dinners without experiencing bad service you’ll get at lovely people’s homes. Too often restaurants are crowded, food and service get worse depending on the rising number of guests. Whats left is to go home again, visit friends or why not, try alternative food services. As did Laurin Hackney who started doing pop up beergardens with brotzeit last summer and moved to an inside location serving wonderful 3-course-menus at “The Parlour Dinners” since March this year. The minimalistic wooden furniture is for sale, too. Laurin and his girlfriend will make you feel very welcome with honest and thoughtful service and of course, very good food.

I visited Laurin and aside from this photo story I also asked him a few questions. Read his answers here:

How would you describe you style of cooking?
I wouldnt say that I do have a certain style. I think that it needs many years of experience to bring it to perfection. I’m open to new things and try to offer a menu that everybody understands. Not too modern and not too much thoughts on it. I want my guests to rediscover food they thought they already knew.

Whats you favourite spice?
I really do like ginger, but I enjoy combinations, too. An arabic touch in a german meal or italian classics far eastern style.

Who taught you cooking?
My mum was cooking all the time at home and she’s my biggest influence and one of the best cooks I know. Even after 30 year she’s still surprising me and remains my biggest inspiration. I often call her to discuss menus. Other than that its mostly trial and error, trying new things and not give up if you fail.

Any specific memory of kitchen failure?
Its the little things that often get chaotic. But that usually happens if nobody really mastered the topic. Forgetting the wine order or german dumplings that won’t get thicker. Its the normal little failures in a normal kitchen. We will learn and get better.

Whats your favourite food region?
I love Japanese and their eye for details. In my opinion the finest kitchen I know. But I’m also a big fan of Italian, because its simple yet very tasteful.

If you would have to decide for one food and one drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?
With drink I’m pretty sure it would be water, without water nothing works! With food its a little more difficult, but a piece of bread or just an apple are amongst the top of my list. This kind of food I could eat every day and still enjoy it.
Read and watch the full story here: http://bit.ly/aicuisine-parlour