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    Pregnancy Kick Counter Android App
What to Expect was looking to expand their market penetration, expand registration and invest in personalization in to increase life-time value. To do this, the company wanted to create an Android kick counter tool (an important task during pregnancy to make sure the baby is active and healthy) that is both useful and delightful to users. The app was designed to develop cross-app usage, share data across apps, measure cannibalization, and design cross-platform UX that is intuitive while using multiple apps.
Interface and Interaction

The app counts the kicks until the user reaches 10 kicks or 1 hour, providing personalized results once finished. The interface features a photo of the pregnant woman so movement of the baby can be shared with a heat map overlay. Reminders are able to be set within the app and all session data is saved and shareable. Interface is branded with What to Expect's brand colors and custom graphics  were created and interactions are designed according to Google's Material Design.
client: What to Expect proposed design