Local Clothing Line
Two local clothing line at my town ask me to create an illustration for their new releases, first called "Zuhd" and the second is called "Coming Soon". Each of them ask me different theme, "Zuhd" clothing ask me to create a propaganda theme with a little bit funny, and "Coming Soon" ask me just a simple thing, they want to me create some funny quote with my style of illustrating.

I've been updated this page with one of m atwork called "GasmaskRiffle" firstly it created for some clothing line but they never accept the design, so it's up for sale.

So here they are, they ask to me to create another illustration for them, just wait for next update

Done for ZUHD Clothing, the theme is "Destroy Hedonism", a propaganda theme with my style illustration
Done for Coming Soon clothing, a funny qoute with my style illustration, very enjoy while doing this
Especialy for this, this artwork is for sale