For all of my commision works usualy I do unofficial version of logo for myself. The philosophy of this action is fun, write some ugly forms to show the another side of branding reality. So here is this collection, have never been published. What you can see here you can call like:

author's negligence, beautiful ugliness, pseudolettering, aggressive design, associative mismatch, expression, challenge to traditions, scandalous glamor, civil position of designer, design for design, cheerful simplicity, depressing complexity, excessive multiplicity, irony, visual metaphor, supercool, WTF, typographic inaudibility, innovation within tradition, time leading, deviation from the stereotypes, designer's signature, direct statement, showing itself inscriptions, accident in typography, typographic exhibitionism, font cocktail, whatever…

But I like to call it 
T R A S H   C O U T U R E