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    This project includes various performing arts and guest artist who I invited to my school to share cross curriculum content.
"When you can't get to them, let them come to You!"
In my arts curriculum, I never allow any excuses to hinder my progress, therefore, if I can't get to specific place or person, I figure out how to get them to me. This is how I am able to expose students, teachers, administration and community leaders to the world of collaboration in the arts. The pictures you will view here, are of Puppet Theater, Math-n-Motion, theater performance and professional photography that my students and others teachers were delighted to become a part of their audience.
The University of Alabama at Birmingham's theater ensemble of college students, wooed students and teachers with various dramatic literature with dance, song and acting.
 A short clips of the performance.
The students thoroughly enjoyed the performance and we rewarded the young ladies with...
...roses from the principal and I took them out to a good 'ol fashioned soul food meal.
Another performance was done by Red String Puppet Theater who performed with hand made painted puppets on thin material an epic story that taught the kids to beware of greed and deception. It has its consequences.
After the performance, one section of students was curious about how he did all of the characters by himself.
One of the teachers was curious as well, she wanted to see how he made them.
Even our assistant principal got in on the action when she took the time to pose with the master puppeteer. 
Next I had the Birmingham Dance group to come and perform, "Math in Motion". A musical dance ensemble that combined various mathematical elements with dance to show the correlation between the two.
Using various movements to show geometric designs...
...collaboration to create shapes in 3-D and...
Short clips of the Math in Motion performances.
Different props of geometric shapes were used individually and together to represent subject matter. Here they created a boat during the section where the music played water sounds.
At the end of the performance, they had Q & A with the students. Our counselor ( in purple), sat in on the performance and was amazed how the collaboration of music, dance and math were connected.
An invited guest professional photographer shared information on the history and evolution of the camera and how it can document and preserve moments in time.
After the photography project that he assisted us with, the students were engaged in a reflective writing assignment on the photos that they took.