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I was born and raised in Canada and I think most of the art that I do is inspired by my background. I was raised in an affluent family and we never had money problems. Any time that I wanted to buy something, my parents would buy it for me without asking me any questions. The neighborhood where I lived was also nice. It was in an area where everybody was rich and crime rate was low. When I was in my late teens, I got into a car accident and I got injured. I was at the hospital for over a month. This was in the United States because I had moved to Los Angeles about two years and six months before the accident. I did not have health insurance and I got some money from a charity or government entity that helps victims of accidents. I filed a lawsuit against the other driver by hiring a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer was very nice and explained everything to me from start to finish. Since I did not have any money and I had a lot of bills to pay, I got a lawsuit loan from a company in Los Angeles. A lawsuit loan works by giving you the ability to borrow money against your lawsuit. It is also known as pre settlement loan or lawsuit cash advance. If you are injured and cannot work, I highly recommend this. There are many people that are against this industry because they believe it is not ethical. They believe the interest rates are too high and the lawsuit funding company should not be able to charge interest. But what they fail to realize is the value of these services. Since pre settlement funding is risky business for the lawsuit funding company, they have to charge high interest rates, because if the case is lost, the company gets nothing. So they have to cover themselves by charging a high enough interest rate so that they stay in business. But the interest rate is not even that high, mine was pretty reasonable. And if you won your lawsuit and got paid, then there is no reason to not be happy. The company helped you when you were desperate for money, and now they get their money back because you got money from the lawsuit. My background, and especially the accident, has definitely affected my art and the way I think. I am proud to be where I am today.