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Non–verbal Club is a communication design studio – formerly known as Atelier Martino&Jaña – recognized for its particular focus on designing for cultural clients. Over the years, we've developed a vast knowledge and experience working on multi-faceted books, visual systems for graphic identities, and posters for music and theatre events.

We’ve changed our name to Non-Verbal Club as a result of a redefinition of our work and our desire for a stronger international position. We’ve kept the core of our team and we are still focused on working with cultural agents and institutions, thriving for broader perspectives and bigger challenges. What hasn't changed is our passion for exploring ways of making things visible, through a careful, skilled and informed use of typography.

We've never hidden our passion for editorial design and the new website was planned to look and feel like one of such projects – a narrative that flows from the cover to the index, going through an introduction to the main content sections, and, finally, an archive that acts as an appendix.

The visitors can navigate through the website using two main structures: an horizontal layout for visual narratives, and a vertical alternative for text based information.

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