Phoenix I - Reborn
New Soul For You by Mohamed Manem
About pain by Ahmed Karam
Every second ..we live .. we die .. we rise .. we fall .. we learn how to get back on our feet and fight .. even with the greatest pain we try .. we reborn to conquer it .. to live as a heroes even every one say we are not .. i believe what doesn't kill you would make you stronger .. rise above your fear .. rise above your hate .. fight back .. feel peace .. and just REBORN

Remontada by Abdelrahman Adel
Flame of Life by Mohamed Manem
Light of life by Ahmed El Gezery
Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. 
Dark Womb by Ahmed Karam
Rise of the guardian By Mahmoud Ali 
Calvary by Mina Fathalla
Where the sin was born there was a prior plan to save everyone.

I live again by Sherif Adel
Fanart of Caleb from the classic FPS "Blood". Caleb is reborn as an undead to wreak havoc. Used to obsess over that game back in the day.

internee Roots by Ahmad Al Jazzar
The Revenant by Mahmoud Ali
Phoenix I - Reborn
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