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    DARE TO DREAM OF CANDY Made for Girls of the Underworld Exhibition organized by Kult.
Girls of the Underworld Exhibition
Organized and curated by Kult Singapore
Made for Girls of the Underworld Exhibition organized by Kult.
Many females in Asia are often suppressed by conservative and traditional parenting. Such as the case of the famous Japanese pop culture icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who comes from a very traditional Japanese family. Often being judged and shunned by her parents for day dreaming before she made it, she was discouraged to give up her quirky sense of dressing and pop identity. However, her perseverance has led her to be one of the most iconic pop artists worldwide today.
It is indeed a fine example of "Screw this s***, I'll be who I want to be and I will shine. Just wait and see."
The artwork was digitally drawn and designed with the computer. After which I need to decide which layers should pop out, and which ones remain in the background. I had to separate them in Photoshop and have them printed on different sheets of paper. Cutting the elements out by hand was a pain in the neck (and fingers) but it sure is worth the work! Layering them was fun, I get to see my shadow box come to life. 
The finished artwork!