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    A microsite promoting the anti-ageing benefits of Olay Total Effects. (2007)
The proof is undeniable
 Olay Total Effects, a product that claims effectiveness to beat the 7 signs of aging, in one single bottle. 

The second part to a campaign that made a bold claim that Olay Total Effects was the solution to anti-ageing, this part of the campaign asked women living in Australia and Singapore to share positive product stories for a chance to win prizes.

Conceived in 2007, this project was done when tag clouds were a legitimate (not old-fashioned) way of displaying keywords. Another feature was also added for 'user-generated content' , where consumers could decide how using the product made them feel, and from there, connect with other consumers who felt the same way.  With this tag cloud, other visitors to the microsite also clearly saw the most important words that were associated with the product.