De Bladerdeeg Specialist
Greek Food truck
Amsterdam, NL
Midnight Vanilla
Fresh & organic catering
Haarlem, NL
Smaak Attack
Freshly cooked catering
Amsterdam, NL
De Olijfolie Specialist
Τrader, οil and traditional products
Utrecht, NL

Macaron on Top
Macaron pastry shop
Larissa, GR
Project Pink
Online resaler, Lingerie
Amsterdam, NL
Katerina Nikolakopoulou
NIP Psycologist, MSc Cognitive Neuropsychology
Amsterdam, NL
Anni Goudakou
Thesssaloniki, GR
Fos en Skoti
Photography & video
Thessaloniki, GR
Minerals Company
Amsterdam, NL
Anosis nederland
Finance services
The Netherlands
Cold rooms, doors and panels

Amsterdam, NL
Big Bad Bass Bookings
Booking agency
Amsterdam, NL
British Pop band
Thessaloniki, GR
Jason Project
Dj and composer Experimental / Electronica
Thessaloniki, GR
Team of Djs, Drum N Bass, Dubstep
Thessaloniki, GR