role —Art Director & UX Designer      type — side project      year — 2013

The universe is fascinating, intangible and full of myths. What if you could explore it discovering every constellation and their history? "The Constellation" is a digital experience as immersive and personal as possible that allows you to navigate through space. We collect your position information and the local time to show you exactly what you could see if you were in your backyard. This experience is collaborative so you can see who is navigating on the website in real time, where they are from and you can even interact with them.

The first step is to discover the user's location
to adapt the data and customize the experience.

The website detects if it is the day or the night
and the template colors change according your local time.

Then a spaceship is assigned to you according your location.

You navigate through a huge universe to discover all the constellations. While you are exploring the website, you can see spaceships and display more information about them on mouse hover. They represent every users connected in real time.

On bottom of your screen, there is a radar helping you to navigate
through the entire experience.

You can switch from a constellation to another easily thank to the radar.

For every constellation you can access a detail page giving information
such as the characteristics, the history & mythology, and the notable features.

There are ten sizes of stars gravitating in the universe.


During your interstellar travel you will discover interactive elements
which make the experience more playful and make you want to explore deeper the universe.

Constellation V.2


Constellation V.2

The univers is fascinating. Intangible and full of myths. What if you could explore it discovering every constellations and their history? The pr Read More