Delicious 2012
Facebook Application, Mobile & Print Design
In partnership with celebrity chef Tim Anderson (MasterChef winner), Delicious by DS5 was established, a pop-restaurant in East London was host to 'invitation only' who are interested in molecular gastronomy. The event was launched with a pre-event whereby well-known food bloggers were invited to cook with Anderson in a secret location and help seed the event. In addition to special guests, tickets were open to the public through social media presence. 
Throughout the event, food was used to draw parallel with the senses experienced whilst driving the DS5. At each stage of the Delicious by DS5 campaign I was responsible for visually guiding the user to experience different material generated as a result of activity (event photography). Below are examples of my response to the brief to create:

1. iPhone and iPad optimised site for visitors to the pop-resturant to access recipes and images via a QR code.
2. Facebook application designed as a hub for the campaign. These Facebook application designs later went on to inspire the printed media used throughout the event as well as for booking seats at the event itself.