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    T-shirt design for the brand Thinking MU
Thinking MU
Diseño de camiseta.
Design of "The Smilers" t-shirt for the brand Thinking MU, Barcelona.
Thinking Mu is a state of mind, a positive flow of energy. Like when you walkbarefoot, you connect with the land and charges the batteries. We express ourselves through our shirts, graphics and ecological fabrics. At a time wheneverything is fleeting, we invite you to stay. Join us in the lead 1% for the planet, allocating that portion of our sales to environmental projects. Dear friends, there's only one way; be aware and cooperate. Mu is possible, among all.

Diseño de la camiseta con el lema "The Smilers" para la marca Thinking MU, de Barcelona.Thinking Mu es un estado de ánimo, un fluir positivo de energías. Como cuando caminas descalzo, conectas con la tierra y cargas las pilas. Lo expresamos a través de nuestras camisetas, gráficos y tejidos ecológicos. En un momento en que todo es fugaz te invitamos a permanecer.