WOL is a design & motion studio, with strong focus on art direction and generative design, based in Saint Petersburg. 
Our practice — creation of modern and competitive design.
Our goal — make this practice a form of art which will impress the viewer.

WOL — it's not all about logotypes and images. In our work we take a complex approach in solving tasks, initially thinking about cooperating with our customer in a long-run. It's important for us to create something accomplished, because we don't want just to make fancy presentations. From documentation to construing of visual space — we work at every little detail of the design, in a way that everything is at its place and has a purpose.

Solving problems that appear at creation of the design — our main task. We always cooperate while creating something new, taking into account timing and altering requirements.
The dot is the most simple design element that symbolizes the idea
The idea sets the direction in activities. 
A result of the activity is an object that is interesting by itself.
Humanity have always strived for stars. Since it was important to demonstrate the direction of our brand — we decided to use the star as a major element of our visual identity, using it as a metaphor of the human pursuit of the mysterious and the unknown.

When creating a brand, we decided to focus on three aspects: Research, Interaction and Conversion.
For each of them we chose simple geometric form. The square means the focus on the idea and its
research. It represents our attention to the client's personality and thoughts. The triangle symbolizes
interaction within our team, which helps us achieve better results. The circle symbolizes the process
of conversion ideas into the final result
We put important tasks before creating a visual identity. It must demonstrate our basic directions in design, as well as to be flexible in application.
This project contains huge GIF animations which may cause some lags during page loading. If you want save your Internet traffic, we attached copy of this project in .pdf file format (~4mb).
Design Studio: WOL Creative Studio
Art-Director: Viktor Aleksandrovsky
Graphic Designer: Viktor Kopeykin
3D Artist: Viktor Aleksandrovsky
Motion Designers: Dany Sterkhov, Viktor Aleksandrovsky

Additional help:  Seva Varfolomeev, Dmitry Berezhnoy, Evgeny Sterkhov

Special Thanks: Lidy Klimova, Alexander Ostrikov, Darina Zhukova,
Semenova Valeria, Alexandra Boychuk, Ksenia Novokshenova