Stationary Design – A Royal Letterhead

For Ghanaian King Owusu, our studio designed a stationary set for his official correspondence, consisting of a letterhead, business cards and invitations.  

The visuals display traditional royal Ghanaian symbols that we developed into a consistent set of icons for the project. One of these classic symbols is the West African Sankofa bird, a emblem for learning from your past to have a better future. As a fun aspect of the project, we designed the packaging for a fictional line of high-end chocolate as a reference to the importance of Ghana's cacao resources. We worked the branding into it through the wrapping paper on which you can find a few "Choco fun facts". For the entire stationary line, we worked with the Gmund and Pop'set paper producers. 

For the photoshoot set we created various achromatic patterns and printed them out as posters. Along with various accessories, we designed and built the set right here in our Cologne-based studio. 

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Service: Stationary Design with finishing
Client segment: Small business / Royal person / Open interest
Project Scope: Letterhead, Business cards, Invitations, Texts, Envelope and Packaging
Paper Producer: Feinstpapiere Gmund and Pop'set
Production finishing: Hot stamping and foil plotting
Hashtags:  #no-mock-ups #designforkings #designforqueens #designforeveryone #royal #regal #luxuriousliving #stationary #ghana #highclasschocolate #packaging #55%
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