Creating beautiful paintings is my passion. I study the works of great and inspiring artists ranging from digital to traditional. Sadly, as a result of my day job (as a Senior creative for a digital agency), I seldom have enough time to focus on my passion. I say 'sadly' because I feel the more time I spend not doing what I love, the more I "lose" the hang of it. This was proven when I attempted the first painting below (bottom-most) and I had a lot of trouble with what brush to use, how to shade/render, "it doesn't look good" and other issues like that. 

In my earlier years in school as an amateur digital artist, I struggle a lot with the question of "what to paint". I found myself doing more of graphic design than actual digital art. Mostly because grahic design, in my country - Nigeria, is what pays more; and a young man's gotta eat, right?

Well, now that I have a job with steady pay, I can focus on what I love doing rather than doing graphic design freelance jobs for quick cash. And how can I focus on my passion? By learning and practicing. Though I have been a digital artist for 4 years now, I never actually had someone to teach and/or guide me, I learnt every thing myself by trial and error, from Adobe Photoshop to how to use a Wacom tablet. And I think that is my major problem - I never had a mentor or an experienced tutor. Not for lack of trying though. Thankfully, I have found an awesome online art tutor in Matt Kohr on If you're an artist and having problems like me, I urge you to check that website out, its like going to Art school for FREE! 

Below are my practice pieces. I would be updating this project as I do more practicing; starting from the most recent at the top. Would be awesome if I could get some critiques and non-vulgar comments. Thank you and enjoy. 

Watch this space. More to come :)