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    Painting. as a child i used to paint. i still paint. in painting different colours are used to heighten the perception of depth,height,volume,etc… Read More
    Painting. as a child i used to paint. i still paint. in painting different colours are used to heighten the perception of depth,height,volume,etc the idea of which fascinates me. Architecture. architecture is art, just like a painting. just like painting architecture too has its own way to heighten the perception of depth,height,volume,etc its way is guided by another object that, is an intangible object That,is Light. The thesis was just another design assignment for me, only this time bigger and mightier, involving everything that i like to do and everything that i have done in the past 5 years of my study. This was the sole reason for formulating such a thesis project. It aims to design a museum of light. A museum where natural light and architectural form itself are the only exhibits. To do so the project requires to study light and form in architecture. How light reacts to different forms. Study of museums. And literature study of research works on light in architecture. Case studies were done on works of Le Corbusier and Daniel limbskind. Corbusier helped me understand how form and light dance together whereas Limbskind taught me how metaphors and concepts be applied to architectural forms and spaces and create a substantial and diverse user experience. In my attempts to discern the qualities of light in architecture i came accross the book, The Architecture of Natural LIght by Henry Plummer. This book guided to the very end and made me understand the phenomena which is light in architecture. The seven qualitied were studdied, analysed and interpreted in the design. To base my studies on proper analytical conduct, experiments were carried out on a Heliodon device, which helps to study light patterns on any given lattitude longitude and on any time of the day and season. The design aims not to create a function driven program but a form based program whose function is only to showcase the phenomena which is Light. The design also aims to interpret literature into architectural form. a study on light a form making assignment an articulation of the phrase, Form follows Light. Read Less