The Audi Design Performances - Milestones Roof

The final artwork for the Audi A1 roof project represents a “Timeline of the Audi brand”, from 1909 till present. I got inspired by the wood, because the wood has a natural feature, that it can map its age and life through the tree (annual, growth) rings. The lines created by the wood are presenting a timeline or a road of the brand through decades. The cars, better said, the “Audi milestones” are placed between the lines of tree rings, representing the evolution of the Audi brand through decades. As all of the cars are solid, so they are breaking through the air, I wanted to display that kind of flow, so the lines can also present kind of streamlines- the tree structure also creates similiar fluid lines, when a new branch is growing out of it.
The rear wing in my design has to be neutral, black or white, definitely the one that suits more to the vehicle colour. The side line above the door windows is made of brushed aluminium, another very important material in the history of the Audi brand.
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