Students Photograph Historical Sites
Guest Photographer show students how to recognize art in their surroundings
Guest Photographer work with students in collaboration with Mrs. Andrews, their art teacher, to learn, recognize and appreciate the art in the simplest things, namely historical sites. A field trip in Wilcox County to familiar areas taught students about areas that they had once ignored and unappreciated. After visiting schools that were in session in the 50' s and 60's, seeing where the Quilting Bee that produced hundreds of quilts by most of their relatives, the Gees Bend Quilters, to comparing the cemetery of the slaves to that of the confederates and even local buildings and churches that were used during the Civil Rights Movement. Capturing these images on camera and discussing them with family and local leaders, the students gained a better insight on their heritage and the community.
Local Alabama artist and photographer, start with sharing the different types of cameras of which the students had the opportunity to experience and see the quality of each. He shared how photos document moments in time and history.
Students find abandoned books from classrooms viable in the 50's and 60's.
Some students found it interesting how the tombstones of graves differed, some were just markers while others were hand made depicting what was left of some of their ancestors.
An abandoned school auditorium and cafeteria smaller than most modern day classrooms and there were no AC or central heating units.
Local building was once a boarding school for girls preparing them for life as young women, mothers and wives. Now serves another purpose.
Local city official recounts her and other's roles in the Civil Rights Movement in the local churches and sit ins.
Church used in Civil Rights Movement.
Church that houses confederate cemetery, is far different from the church of former slaves.
Even the bus driver (far right), who was a lover of historical data, got in on the activities with one of our guides (center) and a student who was enjoying herself (far left).