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Welcome to my photography portfolio!
The on this page are licensed under a unless otherwise stated in the photo description. This means that you can freely use them for noncommercial purposes, including sharing with friends, provided that you provide a link back to this portfolio.
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Thanks for your cooperation, and enjoy!
"Spirit of Autumn"
"Towering Trees"
 "Forge of Hephaestus"
Giraffa Camelopardalis!
(This is a bonsai)
 Magellanic Penguin (sleeping)
"Deep Sky"
 "Beacon Boat"
This has meaning to me. I am giving the high-res version away for free.You may not use it commercially without my permission.
"Fields of Crimson"
"After the Storm"
"Like a Dream" 
"Arizona Sunset"
 "The Boss"
"Three Sisters"
"Mediterranean Sunset"
 Gorilla Gorilla
"Sea Turtle"
 "Flight of the Blackbird"
"All That Remains"
"Cookie Factory"
Lower Yellowstone Falls 
 "Bison Tongue"
 Chimps Grooming
 Black-Necked Stilt
 "Close Encounter"
"Ethereal Forest"
"Bermuda Bloom"
Fountain Paint Pots
"Early Bird"
"Frozen Wave"
Mendenhall Glacier
 American Robin
Night Heron with breeding plumage
"Moon Song"
"Route 84"
 "See the Light!"
 "See the Light!" (Variant)
Snorkel Bay
Snorkel Bay Sunset
"The Wind and the Sea"
 "Summer's End"
 "The Great Eye"
"The Attack"
"The Attack"
"The Attack"
"The Aftermath" (the swans are OK)
 "Zone of Transition"
West Thumb Geyser Basin
One of my role models
 "Park St. Church"
"New York Eagle"
"First Touch of Autumn" 
 "Portrait of Syracuse"
A Scarlet Ibis in the process of preening
 "I think the coast is clear"
 "Warm and Cool"
From 2011's "Snowtober"
"There stands Jackson, like a great stone wall..."
 Black Throated Blue Warbler?
 "Can I Help You?"
 "Class Trip"
Great Egret 
 "Sunset over the Pulaski Skyway"
I swim against a prodigious current,
and I know that I must falter.
It draws me towards the fall,
the inexorable, fatal plunge.

But each stroke I take,
I count a small victory,
a stand.
For my right to exist.
For the betterment of the world.
For those who came before me.

And for everyone
who has ever screamed
defiantly at the heavens:
"No! There is a better way!"

For them,
For us,
I swim against the current,
because I am right.
 Atop Mt. Hamilton, looking down upon San Jose.
"Lodgepole Apocalypse"
 "What Lies Beyond the Sea"
 Pavement Monarch
Glacial Ice
Great Egret
Mud Volcano
Grand Prismatic Spring
 Old Faithful
"The Inventor"
Me with a homemade brain-computer interface from a Mindflex. I invent as well.
This image is exempt from the Creative Commons License governing the rest of the portfolio. You may not use this image without my prior permission -I don't want anyone misrepresenting me.
 "Of Grief and Determination"
Nature and Wildlife Photography

Nature and Wildlife Photography

Nature and wildlife photography gathered over my travels.