Assafina is an organization dedicated to the development and well-being of people with special needs;
Found in 1991, Assafina includes 50 members which 14 of them are inters.
The new management assigned in 2013 restructured the organization by introducing a new system for activities and workshops. 
The organization purpose is to insure the development of the mental abilities of a person along with his social, emotional and creative ones through a range of activities and various disciplines.
In parallel the organization assure to its participants the proper care for their conditions. 
The main goal is to help the members to become more comfortable and in control, spiritually and physically, to eventually become able to express their abilities and emerge in the society.

The Mission

The Association asked to keep the spirit and trying as far as we can to show disabled  people in the logo, with the focusing on the pheonecian ship and the sail.
The website