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    Part 1 of a series on the speed of technological obsolescence, the environment, and the collision of the two.
Obsolete Delete - Long Player Records, 2012
Obsolete Delete - Rotary Dial Telephone, 2012
Obsolete Delete - Sony Cassette Walkman, 2012
Obsolete Delete - Audio Cassette, 2012
Obsolete Delete - Microphone, 2012
Obsolete Delete - Manual Typewriter, 2012
Printed to archival museum exhibition standards with pigment ink on cotton rag paper.

Prints are delicately embossed with the artist's seal in the lower right hand corner and signed by the artist in the following manner:
Recto (on the face) - edition number, title, artist signature.
Verso (on the back) - title, series, year of capture, year of printing, edition, media

17x22 inches
Edition of 10

32x40 inches
Edition of 10