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    A selection of owned media. From experiments with using Twitter as CMS to big Flash builds to interactive music players to a non-visual website.
An interactive music player for Nokia Music. 
Artists were filmed talking about their favourite artists - a tracks appeared for download in a playlist as the artists discussed them. 
An agency website using Twitter as its CMS. Staff could update the site in real time using hashtagged tweets. 
HTML website with ajax for PizzaExpress.
The user experience was designed  around the two reasons people visit a restaurant site - to look at the menu or look up an address. Then then brand story was woven around this. 
Flash website allowing users to plot a journey around a globe watching films and sharing their feelings about each film as they go. 
First use of Facebook Connect in the UK.
FWA Site of the Day. 
A hybrid Flash / HTML site for The Carte Noire Readers. 

Allowed easy browsing, viewing and sharing of video content whilst enabling good SEO. 

A portal for Nokia Music.
Users could explore the music, watch films by real music fans explaining what Comes With Music is and browse phones. 
Interactive video demo for Nokia Maps. The walking man on the scroller navigation mimicked the man in the video.
Hotspots within the video gave access to more information. 
Users were encouraged to explore their non-visual senses in this website promoting Johnny Walker's F1 sponsorship. 
A  launch website for a home laser hair removal product aggregating conversation and content around the product. 
Beauty vloggers demoed the product, created video diaries on YouTube, did e-coaching, answered questions. 
A forum allowed discussion of the product. 
Feeds pulled in what users on social media were saying about it.  
An information network for Kraft's coffee employees, called 'Your Coffee Cup'. Like a secure, caffeinated Twitter.