Logos / 2011-2012

Logo for sarcastic campaign against Egypt presidential elections 2012.
"Star of the generation" logo for a new TV show for Omar Taher.
"Peaceful Salma" Logo for a new TV show for Salma El-Dali.
"Mashroa'" an independent filmmakers initiative.
"arabia" an online portal.
"100 Days" charity organisation fighting poverty & unemployment in Egypt.
"Mira's guided tours" 
Re-branding "Zafir" the Egyptian t-shirt brand.
"eshtery" a mobile based QR shopping application.
"Ana Mubasher" group of revolutionary activists live streaming the revolution in the streets of egypt.
Rebranding "Wasm labs" a group of leading brands and web/mobile properties that target ecommerce, entertainment and social networking.
"Gravesbook" social-network startup project.
"eye can connect"
"Nogoum Records" production label for Nogoum FM radio station.
"Food of Egypt" blog by Azza blogging recipes for egyptian food.