"The year is 2045, the United Nations now sanctions the use of "rented agents" from a single, highly-funded training programme looking to treat those under-privileged both physically and mentally; they are then given the choice to serve the United Nations through an espionage career. Benefiting from the best augmentations, implants and technology money and research can provide, these agents are the best the world has ever seen. They steal the intelligence before the nuclear war is brought about.
In the United States, the economy has not improved... the military forces have all but merged into a single united force. The CIA have been disbanded to form the union with the NSA: The Central Security Agency. The head of this newly formed espionage unit: David Greyson, puts in a call to the United Nations for a company of these super-agents to help support the country he loves and to prevent World War III."
*It should be noted that this is a work of fiction only*
Three pieces of artwork for the possible UN Agents.