Corporate Identity / Logo Design
Providing Corporate Identity / Branding / Logo Design for  companies in a variety of industries and markets. Custom designs created in Photoshop, Corel for use in print, web and interactive media.
Corporate Logo for Home / Personal Security Company
Corporate Logo Design for e-commerce software company
Other product logos for RedDoor e-commerce applications
Corporate logo for Better Barns and Sheds, a Connecticut-based barn, shed and yard building construction company
logo for Bearicuda Bins animal resistant can product line
Comany logo for Christian advertising and graphic design company incorporating 6 days of creation
Redesign of Sweet Peet Logo, nationwide brand of mulch
Logo for bearproof container company
Corporate logo for kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Southington, CT
Logo for non-profit organization providing food, water and education to remote areas of Malawi and Mozambique
Product logo for e-commerce product application for offering interdependent complex products online.