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    On dispelling misconceptions of Africa.
Project Class: West African Writers and the Political Kingdom (Brown University)
Professor: Anani Dzidzienyo
This project was created as a supplement to my final paper for my Brown University class, "West African Writers and the Political Kingdom." It is a series of cards, where one side shows a common misconception of Africa written out in a scolding, bitter tone of voice, and the other side shows a related image. These cards are designed for Westerners as a fun, educational tool that also has a sense of mockery and humor mixed into it.
I do apologize to the strangers whose photos I used for some of the cards (please don't sue me). Though some of the cards may seem harsh, my professor agreed that the statement had to be made. Having spent two summers in Uganda, I've realized that there are severe misunderstandings of cultures that go both ways. I hope for these cards to be an interactive way for people to engage in conversation about this sensitive matter of misrepresentation and miseducation. 
Pictured above is my Ghanaian professor who approves of these cards. Please feel free to share other important misconceptions I may have missed.