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Flux, Personal Transport - Leigh Hendrik Cosentino
With congested roads, under used seats, high emission levels and fuel consumption, alternate efficient means of transport are highly sought after at this time and into the future. Electric powered and hybrid vehicles are making their way into the consumer market and are changing consumer perceptions as to what can power our vehicles. However, through all this change there has been one thing that remains the same; human power. Bicycles have been around since the wheel was invented and have evolved into a highly efficient means of personal transport in most situations. Getting from A to B is easy, however, some downfalls convince people to travel in the car nine out of ten times. .
A major problem that has arisen in our society looks at the unwilling population to ride human powered vehicles on short trips, given that today’s vehicles are so polluting and space consuming it is time that people actually start looking for and using alternate forms of transport Flux addresses the inherent issues our society is facing in respect to current modes of transport by combining the benefits of small electric vehicles addressing issues of storage space, weather resistance and alternate efficient power, lightness and accessibility of a human powered vehicle and a new visual appeal.
Usability and ergonomics are a major issue in that this vehicle is centred around the one and only user. In a comparison with a conventional car seating package Flux caters for a more relaxed semi-recumbent seating arrangement. This aids in pedalling ability by freeing up the legs and allowing larger amounts of air flow to circulate around the user. A constant air flow is achieved via vents at the bottom underneath the cabin circulating air up and around the user cooling them while riding. This air also escapes after moving through the vehicle via vents under the top fin. A telescoping steering assembly allows users with different length arms to adjust to their liking. While entering the vehicle the steering column has a split and can be moved out of the way.
Manoeuvring Flux is made simple with a small sized platform tailored for smaller streets and tight car parks. In a comparison with the average Australian male Flux features a small usable package that approximately 4 Flux vehicles can be parked in a standard car park perpendicular to the typical parking manor. Entry and exit is made easy via a hydraulically controlled vertical tilting door opening a large entry space. The user can simply step inside and pull themselves in via strategically places grab handles. Generic wall plug in allows for familiar use charging as well as location of a charging station easy.
The exterior and interior of Flux incorporates some very conventional and easily accessible manufacturing techniques. This allows for immediate action, and also a familiarity in the manufacturing process. The tilting mechanism is used in order maintain stability while turning. By leaning into the corner the vehicle can replicate a bicycle or motorbike and corner faster but with more stability Lighting is a major feature in that night riding is common. Forward and rearward high visibility LED’S  are used. Rear lights are position high for larger visibility for passing motorists. While indicator lights are placed above the front wheel arches for an almost 360 degree view visibility.