Antoni Burakowski & Kerry Warren
One of my favourite House Stories
Being an interior photographer life can be full of surprises when you are let into someones home, now some of these surprises are more surprising than others, & equally some are more pleasant than others. Well this house was full of surprises and all of them pleasant, it was a real joy to shoot, in every corner was something new to photograph, all the items had a story and an attachment to them, both Terry and Antoni were able to tell us where and when they were found or bought. It’s so nice to meet people who truly have a solid connection with their home and everything it contains, I have also photographed “The House of Antoni & Alison” in Southwark where Antoni works with Alison Roberts his long time collaborator, they have know each other since they were students, where they create all sorts of wonder both fashion and art, I will be uploading those images in another project gallery soon. But while your awaiting those have a look here, and of course none of this would have happened without Charlotte Griffin