Redesigning an existing website isn't always that easy. In this case a responsive redesign of the website of a short film festival in Leuven, BelgiumA website with a lot of content that has to be structured in a userfriendly as well as a responsive way. To spice up this website, I used bright colors to attract film-lovers as well as children.
I tried using an original way to present different movies, in a way that it is still clear for users of all ages. Besides that I used custom icons to make the concept stronger. 
Every user can compose and organise their days at the festival by favoriting their favorite performances. They can print it or watch it later on their mobile device. 
School assignment of Devine. 
Project: March 2016
Design: Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Photoshop 
Mock-up development: HTML5  - CSS3 
Thanks for the appreciation!