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    Quadrigram, Concept & design of the website
Concept & design of the website
Besides of working in the CI of Quadrigram we were approached to work with them on the development and design of an extensive website that accompanies the product in its introduction to the market. The product Quadrigram is a "data viz" toolbox and platform, that allows its users to analyze, explore and visualize data in realtime.

We began the project by devising a content strategy in order to assure the introduction to the application for future users and partners in a pleasant and straightforward way.

The visual language was an important consideration as it continues the corporate identity developed previously by Brava Büro and is planned and executed consistently in all its icons and infographics used all over the site. The goal was to represent the novel ideas behind the product and ensure a guided an easy access to the extended amount of information.

The depicted home page is equivalent to the original design of Brava Büro.