Epsom At Night
Project for  for University:

Music by: Cold Play - Yellow (instrumental)
The video is meant to be takenas a visual essay using a mix of metaphor both visually and spoken; the briefitself was to make a 2-minute visual showing our relationship between our own neighborhoodor the city or country we live in.

Growing up in a small village, so many things differ greatly to that of Auckland. But one of the common aspect points of it all is the feeling I get during the night. Though Epsom and Waitomo (Where I grew up) look very different during this time the feeling is still the same, the way everything seems still, peaceful and to me beautiful. It just makes things feel like ‘home’

Filmed on a Canon 60D
Lens: EFS 18-55mm, EFS 60mm

Mic: Shurf

Edited with:

Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Adobe Premier Pro CS5.5
adobe Audition CS5.5

© Jordan Hodson 2012
For Academic Purposes