《 Perch in the City》城市棲地
Stunden Illustration Agecy 2016 Window Art Exhibition
《 Perch in the City》
2016 時刻創意櫥窗插畫展《城市棲地》
「 We folded the tired heavy wings to perched an energetic  tree to waiting for recover  our energy
    Trees also enthusiastic with coffee and music to inviting  passing travelers and animal friends 」
cafe shop let tired traveler docked at night
Bards sing to you
During the day Sunlight through a transparent glass and paint is full vibrant and shiny
If you hungry you can get some food
or just take rest
Resting place of the city
I let the outdoor trees in to the glass of coffee shop
let guests surrounded by natural environment.
Travelers and picture on glass window will rest together
nest cultivate attractive aroma from the coffee beans,Owl Keeper tired traveler
creating a warm atmosphere of peaceful coexistence.
I have always felt the city's cafes shop like a plentiful  resources of  BIG tree
 After a long flight a bird   to parked on  tree, they rest 、supply  、chating
Guests can also just fit these acts And my illustration for them to exist
For the first time The real world finally interact with my illustration
Do you have any fantasies about life in it?
Organizer:stunden  llustration
Space: Café Müssion 
Illustrator:XS Hang  
Photographers:Easton Yu 、 XS hang
Special thanks: wewe wu、 Easton Yu
Distributors: uDESIGN
Thanks for watching :D
《 Perch in the City》城市棲地

《 Perch in the City》城市棲地

illustration in Life Creating a space to rest with illustration

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