Tide Times, Redesigned

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  • Above - Original Tide Times Booklet

  • How the chart works
    The chart displays High and Low water each half of the chart has a Morning and Afternoon section containing a time, the time tells you when the tide occurs. Inside each section there is a number of coloured rings,  the rings represent height in metres, eight rings being the highest. The information taken from the Tide Times Booklet has been rounded up and down at 0.5 of a metre. The information for each chart will have to be compared to local Chart Datum to get the actually height of the tide. The chart will also display a moon on certain dates this is because the different types of moon will have a different effect on the tide. The colour of the rings on the charts change with each month, I tried to make the colours match the temperature of the month so the colours warm and cool as the year progresses.
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