Campaign aimed at generating support for the Alivia Foundation, an organization helping young people suffering from cancer.
The main element of the campaign is a 60-second-long spot espousing sci-fi action movie/video game trailer aesthetics.
Film is about a clash between a well-armed, valiant woman with a colossal beast−a metaphor for cancer. When the ammo runs out, external support and resources−additional funds−arrive on the battlefield, allowing the woman to continue the fight.

“We wanted to portray the struggle in the most metaphorical way possible, that's why the environment in which the battle takes place so strongly resembles the interior of the human body, with cancer an unwelcome blight upon the land, and the fight against it an individual battle for each and every patient. Paying homage to the incredible strength and determination of people struggling with cancer every single day of their lives was absolutely paramount to us. The spot is a modern
version of 'G.I. Jane' with a sci-fi streak, locking the heroine in a relentless clash with her enemy. Instead of painting the protagonist as a victim, I wanted her to be a woman made of steel, with entirely superhuman reserves of strength, extremely determined to win the fight. And winning requires significant funds, as money is what buys you ammunition in this fight" 

reveals Karol Kołodziński, director working with Platige Image.

Director: Karol Kołodziński
DOP: Łukasz Żal
Actress: Anna Górska
Client: Alivia - Oncology Foundation for Young People
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Production House: DOBRO
Executive Producer: Piotr Sikora
Producer: Mateusz Kirstein, Karina Lempkowska
Production Manager: Beata Pych
Set Manager: Andrzej Stec
Set Designer: Jędrek Iwanicki
Costume Designer: Maria Bulanda
Weapons design and development / 3D printing: Uniforge
Makeup artist: Aga Hodowana
Stunt coordination: Tomasz Krzemieniecki
Camera operator: Ernest Wilczyński
Video assistant: Łukasz Brzozowy
Qtake: Robert Kuliński
Grip: Tomasz Sternicki
Gaffer: Hubert Stawicki
Making of: Jacek Ryżyński
Editing: Wojciech Włodarski, Adam Kałuski
Grading: Piotr Sasim
Storyboard: Tomasz Kossak
Online: Mariusz Seliga
Lead CG: Mateusz Tokarz
Postproducer: Karolina Mann, Justyna Supernak
Concepts: Damian Bajowski, Mikołaj Piszczako, Maciej Drabik, Krzysztof Rosłan
Modelling: Łukasz Skurczyński, Patryk Urbaniak, Szymon Burzawa, Konrad Kiełczykowski, Amelia Baj, Adam Ziemann, Jakub Bogacki, Robert Bielecki, Beeple, Alchemiq Studio
Layout: Marek Gajowski, Łukasz Rzeszot, Mateusz Tokarz
Rigging: Waldemar Nalepa, Tomasz Kurgan, Alchemiq Studio, Mateusz Matejczyk
Animation: Andrzej Ellert, Wojciech Pankowski, Bartosz Jerczyński, Łukasz Rzeszot
Tracking: Szymon Słowikowski, Marek Gajowski
Rotoscopy and Cleanup: Animation Boss
Simulations: Marek Gajowski, Carlos Acevedo, Marcin Majewski, Maciej Jurgielewicz, Marcin Waśko
Render Lead: Grzegorz Flaga
Rendering: Grzegorz Flaga, Szymon Burzawa, Marcin Waśko, Patryk Urbaniak, Piotr Tatar, Robert Bielecki, Mateusz Tokarz
Compositing: Marek Gajowski, Pavle Milicevic, Dmytro Kolisnyk, Marcin Waśko, Robert Bielecki, Szymon Słowikowski, Mateusz Tokarz, Karol Kołodziński
On-set supervisor: Karol Kołodziński, Szymon Słowikowski, Mateusz Tokarz
Motion Capture coordinator: Sylwia Bujno
Motion Capture TD: Tomasz Kowalczyk
Conform: Piotr Dutkiewicz
Sound FX: Juice



Ad for Alivia Foundation, which helps young people fight cancer.

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