Colorized Past
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    Old pictures, digitally colorized by hand
Colorized Past

Old BW pictures of Sint Oedenrode, Netherlands, digitally colorized by hand.
1944 September - 101st Airborne paratrooper liberator in the fields with three civilians. Area St Oedenrode, Nijnsel, Son, the Netherlands, World War II.
1916 - Family van de Kamp (later Ahrend, Odah office equipment factories) with a regiment soldiers.
1932 Women at the cemetery. St Oda festivities
1932 - Market square on a summer morning.
1931 Heuvel, the road to the market square. Trees were removed due to increasing traffic.
1932 - road to the market square. All trees are gone here. A sidewalk is paved.
1910 - market square, children posing.
1931 - market square, a farmer family going to church.
1930 - Dutch windmill built in 1290. Destroyed by artillery shells during liberation in september 1944.
1956 - Kofferen, near the gate of the Odah factory
1930 app. - people and cleric around a stove.
1910's Market square
1919 - police inspectors arriving at murder scene. The manager of a local factory was brutally killed during a robbery. Original picture courtesy Bart Beex.
1910's, factory manager van Kruysdijk, brutally killed in a robbery in 1919
1910's, tram station in Nijnsel, a small village near St Oedenrode. The road leads to Son and Eindhoven. This place is completely gone. Nowadays there runs a highway, the A50. In world war 2 this road was very important as it was the first part of 'the corridor', the route from Eindhoven to Nijmegen. For the Band of Brothers fans: the 101st airborne paratroopers landed in the fields on the right of this road, just a few kilometers ahead. At school we used to visit historic places guided by veterans. Director Steven Spielberg and his team visited our 'neighborhood' prior to the production of BoB.
1926 - parade
1936 - Hambrug, bridge over river Dommel. This bridge was destroyed by German forces in 1944 during the liberation of St Oedenrode.
1937 - Factory owner v.d.Kamp and others, opening of the Odah office building.
1937 - opening of the outdoor swimming pool Kienehoef
1936 - Kofferen, road to Best.
1940 June - annual wooden shoe fair, market square.
1944 - Reconstruction of the Hambrug bridge which was destroyed during liberation.
1944 - Allied forces posing with residents.
1944 - castle Henkenshage. For a brief time this was the field HQ during Operation Market Garden. The landing spot near Son is just a few miles from here.
1944 - common wealth troops with civilians
1944 - crashed para glider with remains of a jeep in it
1952 - an old couple, married in 1882.
1954 - Lindendijk.
1955 - road to the market square, 'Heuvel' (hill)
1937 - outdoor swimming pool Kienehoef
1931 - Dutch wooden shoe maker
1936 app. Medieval watermill. This ancient mill just collapsed in the late 1930's and was not rebuilt. De Dommel river was rerouted and a pond remains.
1963 the cold winter of 62/63
1955 Road to Schijndel
1963 Kofferen - Heuvel
1965 - Market square. These small trees are huge nowadays.
1915 app. - civilians, soldiers and children posing at the market square.