For the promotion of a belgian local product, we've got a school assignment of Devine to design and develop a website with a promotional game. In this case the local product is a sweet candy called the Cuberdon. It's a speciality of the city Ghent and is exclusively in Belgium. With the website we don't only promote the local product but also the main manufacturer, in this case Geldhof
Project: January 2016
Design: Adobe Illustrator | CSS3 Animations 
Development: HTML5 | CSS3 | JS | Phaser JS
Production time: 2 weeks
From design to development
With this project I wanted to challenge myself in javascript-code. On the website the cuberdon-image is a fixed image and step by step the user discovers more about the product. To do this, I triggered the scrollposition and added a css-class with some animations. 
To make this campaign stronger, I also developed a phaser game. In this game the user discovers all the ingredients of the mysterious cuberdon. The game is build with phaser in HTML5 canvas.
Thank you for the appreciation!